Midnight Isle

Lydd Airshow

Last weekend I went to my first airshow in ages, at Lydd in Kent, and took lots of photos of the various flying machines there.

This entry is essentially just an excuse to show of some of the photos I took, so without further ado, I present you with the British army helicopter that somebody decided to name after a text-only web-browser, Lynx

a Lynx army helicopter

It was fun watching formation flying from a Canberra, Hawker Hunter, and DeHavilland Sea Vixen

a Canberra, Hunter, and Sea Vixen flying in V formation.

But my favourite aircraft of the show has to be the Chinook

a Chinook

Although the B-17 Flying Fortress was nice

a B-17 smoking

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of opportunity to snap the Spitfire

a Spitfire

Here's the Hunter and Sea Vixen again, in a dogfight... or should that be bullfight?

a Hunter being chased by a Red-Bull branded Sea Vixen

Here are some planes that were doing some formation aerobatics

three coloured plains in a row

Including flying under a low gate...

a blue plane flying under a gate

And bursting balloons

a red plane hitting a small helium balloon

Here's another one of the Lynx as it took off

a Lynx helicopter with grass being blown about

And some Yaks

a quartet of Yaks, in diamond formation trailing smoke

The Canberra has a couple of very useful features: one, a waving-hole, for putting your hand through and waving at people with; and two, a notice to warn people not to walk through the solid chassis

a side view of the Canberra cockpit, as it taxied for take-off

Well, I've got a whole host more photos, both different shots of the machines I've already shown and of other aircraft I haven't shown, so if anyone is interested in seeing them then just ask. :)