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Castle on the Loch

Castle on the Loch

It should be clear that I don't see photography as being restricted to producing only pure photo-realistic images, but that doesn't mean completely doing away with realism either. Even with a traditional landscape, a romanticised memory can be worth more than the dreary "reality" of the moment captured by the camera's sensor.

This often brings up the question of how far to go, and at what point does too far instead turn into not far enough.


Eileen Donan - Scotland's Most Romantic Castle

Whether you know the name or not, there's a good chance you have seen Eileen Donan at some point - it is often described as the most romantic and most photographed castle in Scotland. The vast majority of pictures you see tend to be similar to this:

A typical photo of Eileen Donan castle, taken at dusk with the castle lit up and reflected in the water.

So, of course, when I visit it I am immediately looking for ways to be original; to take a picture that doesn't simply not look like the one above, but that goes completely against what people expect to see.